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School Garden in Germany


台灣慢食協會 - 維護生態 美食文化 產銷互惠

On May 17, 2008, the elementary school Max Rennau in Sayda (near Dresden, Germany) inaugurated its new school garden. To create a green oasis in the grey schoolyard, project leaders Toralf Richter and Carola Stumpe-Richter (Slow Food member and organizer of the Cooking and Baking Club) happily rolled up their sleeves alongside children, teachers and families.

The garden has been divided into four parts, each reserved for a different class so it can be cultivated according to the class study program.
“Our garden has been created to stimulate children to have healthy and enjoyable eating habits. Ideally the children, parents and teachers will work together in building and looking after the garden. The children who cultivate the plants, will harvest the fruits and vegetables to use them to cook dishes in the school kitchen”, explained Toralf Richter.
Carola Stumpe-Richter’s Cooking and Baking Club
, has been integrated into the school program to provide the opportunity for children to learn how to cook and enjoy tasting their own food.

To see an illustrated account of the project, click here.

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